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Scott Tofte
  • batmananimated:

    Loving this!!

    Excellent interpretation!! Love this!

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  • Very cool interpretation of Harley Quinn. I dig it. 

    (Source: gothamcitysirensart)

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  • heather12ooney4rt:

    Colored pencil drawing of Michael Jackson

    Holy. Fucking. HELL. Colored pencil. THIS IS AMAZING.

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  • Redesign

    Hey tumblrverse! I recently did a redesign of my block, which included updating the tags on all my original artwork. You can now navigate past all my reblogs directly to the different categories of my original art from my main homepage http://henley420.tumblr.com


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    I was tagged by captstucky

    1. Be Prepared - Jeremy Irons/Jim Cummings (Lion King OST)

    2. The Death of Dr. Owen Harper - Murray Gold (Torchwood)

    3. Love’s First Sight - George Bruns

    4. Dai Li - The Track Team (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

    5. Happy Days Are Here Again - The Carole King Musical OBC

    6. Under the Stars - Hans Zimmer (Lion King OST)

    7. E.T. is Dying - John Williams

    8. The Big Day - Murray Gold

    9. Underground - David Bowie

    10. Who Am I - Casting Crowns

    11. Spoonful of Sugar - Mary Poppins OBC

    12. I Know You’re Calling - Jeremy Camp

    13. Oswin Oswald - Murray Gold

    14. October 1978: The Sacred Bird - Miss Saigon

    15. Mr. Smith and Joan - Murray Gold

    16. One Short Day - Wicked OBC

    17. Losing E.T. - John Williams

    18. Death of Toshiko - Murray Gold (Torchwood)

    19. Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum

    20. Boys Boys Boys - Lady Gaga

    As you can see, my music library mainly consists of Disney, Broadway, and Doctor Who tracks, with the occasional random pop song thrown in. This list is a pretty decent representation.

    I pass this on to the following Tumblrers:

    akeydkey, filmstudiesandshenanigans, dylans-obrien, montressorspacep0rt, geronimo-wayward-sons, geeksolo, dlrpmad, wisecookiesheet, scottcarelli, thephillyhillbilly, the-dominatrixx

    I’ll play along because I’m bored and this seems like fun…

    1. “Away When You Were Here” - Ben Folds Five (from “The Sound of the Life of the Mind”)

    2. “I Just Sighed. I Just Sighed, Just So You Know” - Los Campesinos! (from “Romance is Boring”)

    3. “Mapquest” - Michael Giacchino (from “Lost - Music from the Television Series”)

    4. “The Big Moment” - Andrew Kaiser (from “TiMER - Music from the Motion Picture”)

    5. “Purple Toupee” - They Might Be Giants (from “Lincoln”)

    6. “Joan of Arc” - Arcade Fire (from “Reflektor”)

    7. “The Blush of Love” - Murray Gold (from “Doctor Who: Series 6 - Original Score”)

    8. “Mother” - Thomas Newman (from “Skyfall - Original Score”)

    9. “1901” - Phoenix (from “Wolfgang Amadeus”)

    10. “Knitt Witt” - James Dooley (from “Pushing Daisies - Original Television Score”)

    11. “I Can’t Control Myself” - Troggs (from “Hot Fuzz - Music from the Motion Picture)

    12. “A Really Big Sandbox” - Christoph Beck (from “Buffy: The Score”)

    13. “Danger” - Twin Forks (from “Twin Forks”)

    14. “Farewell Apollo” - Bear McCreary (from “Battlestar Galactica - Original Score”)

    15. “Finger Back” - Vampire Weekend (from “Modern Vampires of the City”)

    16. “You Can Dig It”  - Brian Tyler (from “Iron Man 3 - Original Motion Picture Score”)

    17. “Backpackers” - Childish Gambino (from “CAMP”)

    18. “True Romance” - Motion Picture Soundtrack (from “Go”)

    19. “Second Cup” - Nigel Godrich (from “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - Original Score”)

    20. “Someday” - Two Door Cinema Club (from “Beacon”)

    So yeah, lots of scores and poppy indie rock, which is a pretty spot-on representation of me.

    I can’t nominate 10 people, but I will nominate heisnick megstags thezigzone hazellazer and henley420 because I’m curious.

    Alright, I’ll play along

    1 - Dragon Attack by Queen
    2 - I’m a Loser by The Beatles
    3 - Heartache Tonight by The Eagles
    4 - She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
    5 - Things I Do For You by The Jacksons
    6 - We Will Rock You by Queen
    7 - The Long Run by The Eagles
    8 - Inner City Blues by Marvin Gaye
    9 - Play The Game by Queen
    10 - Any Way You Want It by Journey
    11 - Toys In The Attic (unplugged) by Aerosmith

    12 - Silver Girl by Fleetwood mac
    13 - Working Day and Night (live) by The Jacksons
    14 - Just Push Play by Aerosmith
    15 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
    16 - No Quarter by Led Zeppelin
    17 - All Alone by Fun.
    18 - Cry Baby Cry by The Beatles
    19 - The Bomber by The James Gang
    20 - Miss You Much by Janet Jackson

    Ok, this was an oddly Queen heavy shuffle, I’ll admit, and there’s a huge lack of 80’s pop and rock that I’m so fond of. Interesting choices, iTunes, interesting choices. 

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  • "Celeste"

  • kittyinabeaker:


    When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


    The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 

    OH my god. This is perhaps the best gif I’ve ever seen

    (Source: memoriesinatrunk, via acrossthenerdiverse)

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  • My sketch of Julie Newmar as Catwoman. Debating on whether or not to ink/color this. 

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