Which Robin would you have join ANXM?
  • batmananimated:

    Loving this!!

    Excellent interpretation!! Love this!

  • Very cool interpretation of Harley Quinn. I dig it. 

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  • Sky Doll pencil

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    #sky doll
  • heather12ooney4rt:

    Colored pencil drawing of Michael Jackson

    Holy. Fucking. HELL. Colored pencil. THIS IS AMAZING.

  • Redesign

    Hey tumblrverse! I recently did a redesign of my block, which included updating the tags on all my original artwork. You can now navigate past all my reblogs directly to the different categories of my original art from my main homepage http://henley420.tumblr.com


  • "Celeste"

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  • kittyinabeaker:


    When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


    The longer that gif went on, the more I laughed/cried. 

    OH my god. This is perhaps the best gif I’ve ever seen

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